#Vidéo: KHÓI SÓNG (2005), đàn tranh – NGUYEN THIEN DAO

Nguyen Thien Dao has had a key function in the merging between Western art music and Vietnamese music. He was born in Hanoi but came to France at the age of thirteen. Ten years later he commenced his studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris where he studied composition with Olivier Messiaen. After having become established as an important figure in French music he began to make contact with the emerging music life in Vietnam in the 1990 with the premiere of several orchestral works.In 2004 he worked with Nguyen Thanh Thuy on a new piece for dan tranh as part of the process of writing a series of works for traditional Vietnamese instruments. The result of this work was the solo for dan tranh called Khoi Song (2005).


Vidéo par Stefan Östersjö:


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